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Service Sector Consultancy

Actualise provide specialist expertise in the following areas:

Strategy and Business Planning

Working with your executive team to both shape and facilitate the strategy and business planning processes. Actualise have successfully worked a number of blue chip clients to deliver exceptional results.

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Solution Design and Optioneering

Taking strategic objectives and turning them into material programmes and projects. Translating strategic intent into definable pieces of work is a real strength of Actualise which has been particularly evident within energy management.

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Programme Management

Actualise have a proven track record in delivering major programmes for a host of customers.
Where Actualise differentiate themselves in this space is through their ability to deliver multi-faceted programmes – for example launching new propositions into the market, managing sales performance, government liaisons, system and process develoopment.

We find that a number of consultancies truly excel at system delivery, but fall down in the business related areas. Actualise believe that system delivery is only part of the full solution.

We deliver multi-functional capital programmes delivering holistic benefits to the whole organisation.

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Project Management

Similarly, Actualise have a proven track record of project delivery within the service industry.

The devil is always in the detail, which is why Actualise specialise in the service industry and can really add value throughout the full project lifecycle.

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Proposition Design and Delivery

Taking products to market alone isn't sufficient. Without the correct positioning and messaging around the product making it current and relevant to our prevailing market conditions and customer audience, it will have little meaning in the market place.

Through effective customer evaluation, propositions are designed around meeting customer need, whilst ensuring they maintain strategic fit with the organisation.

This includes both proposition design and commercial structure, right the way through to launch activity.

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Business Analysis and Process Design

Detailed industry knowledge is key to providing business analysis and process design services.

Actualise have a select core of experts who ensure that the highest possible quality is delivered in these areas.

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Programme Support

The unfashionable but critically important part of successful programme management.

Whether it be detailed project planning, RAID management or general administrative support, effective programme support allows the project manager to focus on the areas in which they can add most value; confident in the fact that the more routine project activities are being accurately managed.

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Personal Change

Change always has a major impact on individuals within the organisation. This impact is usually highly positive, but there are occasions where this is not the case.

Such scenarios may be redundancy, significant role changes and perceived role reductions.

Actualise have expertise which help turn these occasions into positives for the individuals concerned with skills ranging from BACP accredited psychotherapists through to qualified life coaches.

People are key to making change happen, and it is equally important to help people transition themselves as their worlds of work change.

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