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1st to Market With A Smartmeter Proposition

In May 2006, Actualise were brought in to manage the programme of change that would position npower as the first supplier to market with a commercial smartmeter proposition.

The project involved:

  • Detailed contractual negotiations with npower’s chosen smart-metering service provider.
  • Operational and supply system development to accommodate the new business processes needed to support smart-metering.
  • Billing and CRM system development to allow the new propositions to be serviced and billed.
  • Development of Meter Operator, work scheduling and field communication systems
  • Development of managed deployment service
  • Product launch planning and execution
  • Training of the sales-force and customer operations

The programme enabled the successful delivery of a commercial smart metering proposition right the way through from design and partner selection through to launch. The project was successfully delivered on time, and within budget meeting all of the detailed business requirements.

And perhaps most importantly, facilitating npower being first supplier to market with a commercial smart-metering proposition.

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